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Our friendly team are happy to answer any questions you may have about your support at home. Please call 01948 302131 or email to learn more about the services we offer. Please don’t be afraid to ask, we will be delighted to help.​

Why is this a better alternative to a care home?

Astar Homecare is offering a brighter alternative. It is our strong belief support at home allows you to retain your sense of independence and dignity in your own home which is so important to us all. Even something as little as being able to stay with a pet, around neighbours, friends and family, can be so good for your wellbeing. You can have one to one specialist care whilst in your familiar and relaxed surroundings.

How do I know if you are good or not?

Like all other care agencies we are regulated by the care quality commission and we’re rated Outstanding.

What if the carer and I don’t get on?

It’s so important for us to get everything right for you. Our management team work very hard to find the right people who are dedicated and committed to you. We work hard to match carers with individuals according to ability, interests, hobbies, and experiences. We continually assess and monitor our services and would easily identify if something wasn’t working and we would find you an alternative carer.

What will my carer do?

Your carer can do as little or as much as YOU decide. We offer many things including:
• Independence
• One to one bespoke care
• Companionship
• Specialist Care
• Ability to stay in your own home
Whether it is light house duties or intense personal care or anything in-between we can help. The most important thing is making sure YOU are happy and it’s right for YOU.

Can I trust you?

We strive to be the best we can be and we understand the importance of finding the right person for you or your loved one. We are regulated by the Care Quality Commission and we have been rated Outstanding. We are members of Shropshire Partners in Care, Skills for Care and ICO. We have won the National Award ‘Best Homecare Employer 2024’ at the Great British Care Awards. So rest assured your carers will have high standards following quality training.

What kind of care can you do?

• Assisting with all aspects of personal hygiene washing, dressing, shaving, showering, toileting, incontinence.
• Assisting with mobility/ getting up/ supporting to bed
• Preparing meals and drinks
• Prompting for medication when it is due or assisting where required
• Assisting with all domestic household chores for example, bed changing and making, washing clothes, ironing, cleaning and tidying (these tasks can be on a regular basis or by arrangement i.e. spring clean).
• We can go shopping, collect list beforehand, put away afterwards. You can be escorted to be assisted with your shopping or have your shopping brought for you
• Assisting with pet care, feeding, walking etc.
• Escort to appointments, clubs, religious venues.
• We can provide respite services for when carers and their families require a break.
• We provide carers who can stay overnight. This can either be on a ‘sleeper night’ basis, where the Carer expects a reasonable night’s sleep but is on hand for emergencies, or a ‘waking night’ where the Carer is on duty throughout the night.
• Social calls & assistance with appointments.

We can do whatever suits you. We understand everybody is different and has different needs and we love this.

How much does the service cost and can I get any help with the fees?

With your input, we will devise a detailed plan for each individual which, as well as setting out the person-centred plan of care and support to be delivered, also shows the weekly costs. Many people will be entitled to assistance with the cost of their care either by controlling your own budget through direct payments or from their local Social Services office and other Government grants. Please ask and we will advise you accordingly. Our hourly rate is from £30.00 per hour with a minimum of half an hour. We do not do 15-minute calls. We strive for quality and we don’t believe this can be achieved in 15 minutes.

What if I don’t like it or want to make changes?

We carry out regular reviews and audits to ensure we are providing you with an effective, outstanding service. We want to be as flexible as possible to meet your needs. We understand that people’s care and support needs may change frequently and we do our utmost to keep updated with any changes. We are always pleased to hear from our customers and members of the immediate family about ways the service can be delivered most effectively. We love feedback and always strive to be the best we can be.

How do I pay for my care?

Payment terms will be agreed with you on commencement of contract. If you wish to pay by standing order (to save you having to remember to write out a cheque) just let us know.

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For many people, care and support at home is a wonderful, welcome alternative to residential care. Our specialist home care service provides one-to-one support tailored to suit you, and in many cases is financially more beneficial.

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